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Let's save you money on your gap insurance

Please answer the following questions as honestly and accurately as possible.

The policies available through our comparison are based on the information you have provided us, if these are incorrect or incomplete, you may have your policy cancelled and claims rejected.

Cover Details
In order to complete your quote, you agree to the following;
  • I have a valid UK Full or Provisional Licence.
  • I am the owner of the vehicle, have a finance or a lease agreement, or I am the registered keeper.
  • The vehicle is covered by a Comprehensive Insurance Policy.
  • Yes
  • No
    Do you have fully comprehensive insurance on this vehicle?
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    • Yes
    • No
      Did you purchase your vehicle through a dealership/broker or garage?
      • Yes
      • No
      • Not purchased yet
        How many days ago did you purchase the vehicle?
        • 0-99 days
        • 100-179 days
        • 180+ days
          How did you fund the purchase of the vehicle?
          • Personal Loan
          • Cash
          • Finance (HP / PCP)
          • Contract Hire / Lease
            On what date did you take delivery of the vehicle?
              What is the total invoice price of the vehicle?
                What is the registration number of your vehicle?
                  What type of vehicle is it?
                  • Car
                  • Bike
                  • Van
                    On what date was your vehicle registered?
                    This is found on your V5 registration document.
                      Vehicle make
                        Vehicle model
                          Vehicle model year
                            Vehicle colour
                              Vehicle fuel
                                Vehicle version
                                  Vehicle doors
                                    Vehicle transmission
                                      Vehicle engine cc
                                        Vehicle description
                                          What is the vehicle's current mileage?
                                            Which product best suits your needs?

                                            Show all

                                            We will display all products suitability to your needs. Please ensure you select the right cover for you.

                                            Combined Return To Invoice

                                            Covers the gap between your insurance settlement and what you paid for your vehicle, or your outstanding finance balance.

                                            Return to Invoice

                                            Covers the gap between what you paid for your vehicle and your motor insurance settlement.

                                            Return to Value

                                            Covers the difference between the vehicle's market value at time of loss and the market value of your vehicle at the time you took out the policy (instead of the invoice price).

                                            Finance Gap

                                            If a large proportion of your vehicle is funded by finance you could end up owing the finance company more than your insurance settlement. This policy covers the GAP.

                                            Vehicle Replacement Gap

                                            Covers the gap between your insurance settlement and what it would cost to replace your car on a like-for-like basis.
                                            • Show All
                                            • Combined Return To Invoice
                                            • Return To Invoice
                                            • Return To Value
                                            • Vehicle Replacement
                                            • Finance Gap
                                            • Contract Hire
                                              Do you want to also cover any deposit or outstanding finance charges in addition to your vehicle?
                                              Covering the difference between the motor insurance settlement figure and the greater of either the purchase price of your vehicle or the early settlement amount that you owe to your finance company.
                                              • Yes
                                              • No
                                                Are you buying the vehicle brand new?
                                                • Yes
                                                • No
                                                  How long do you want your cover to last?
                                                  • 2 Years
                                                  • 3 Years
                                                  • 4 Years
                                                  • 5 Years
                                                    When do you like the policy to start?
                                                      Personal Details
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                                                      • Mrs
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                                                        First Name
                                                            Date of Birth

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                                                            You must be aged 18 or over to get a quote.

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                                                                        Telephone number
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